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7 Incredible Advantages Of Dental Implants

You have many options for tooth replacement. However, one option that stands out above all is dental implants. Implants offer benefits that other tooth replacement alternatives, like dentures or bridges, can not.

1. A Natural Looking Replacement

Have you ever wondered why dental implants in Magnolia are more popular than other restorative options? It is because they can look like natural teeth than other alternatives like dentures & bridges do not have. Why not go for it when you have the option to make your smile look as natural as possible? 

2. Prevent Bone Loss

With a natural-looking prosthesis, if you get the perk of supporting your jawbone, there is no better choice than a dental implant. In dental implant surgery, the abutment gets placed in your jawbone, which tends to support it & prevent bone loss. Implants are a significant benefit to patients who want to perfect their even after they have lost their teeth.

3. Implants Support Facial Structure

Along with a beautiful smile, you get to support your facial structures. As you already know, implants prevent bone loss. Still, it also keeps your face & makes it look more symmetrical while helping you restore your natural shape face while providing you with a more youthful appearance.

4. Eat Anything You Like 

When you lose your teeth, it becomes difficult to bite on your food & chew it properly. But when you opt for a restorative dentistry procedure, you want to ensure you do not have difficulty chewing your food. In the case of dentures & bridges, you are strictly instructed not to eat any hard, sticky, or crunchy food as it will damage them. On the other hand, with dental implants in Magnolia, you can eat anything you want anytime. You do not have to make smoothies or juice to have apples. Implants get installed inside your bone, offering them the strength they need to chew food. Unlike dentures & bridges, as they sit upon your gums.

4. Implants are Long-Lasting

When we talk about the longevity of the implants, no other dental restorative procedure can beat implants. At our dental office in Magnolia, we have encountered some severe cases of tooth loss that were preserved using dental implants & with proper care, they lasted over a decade without needing replacement. 

5. Implants Are Easy to Maintain

It is a fact that you do not need to do anything ‘extra’ to preserve or clean your implants. When you have implants, you do not need to buy some particular product to make them look healthy & white all the time. Instead, you just have to follow your oral regimen like your natural teeth. Implants need brushing twice a day & flossing after every meal; this is enough to make them last a long time.

6. No Speech Difficulty

One of the major complaints about dentures & bridges is that they affect their ability to speak clearly. Implants do not hinder your speaking ability. Instead, it lets you speak more accurately. But, if you choose dental implants in the healing period, you may have some pain & difficulty in speaking, but once the implant has healed, you will see the change.

7. Better Oral Health

You do not have to worry about getting any cavities or gum disease when you have implants. They may look like natural teeth but do not attract any bacteria or plaque build-up. But this doesn’t mean you’d stop caring about them; a proper daily oral cleaning is still required.

Affordable Dental Implant In Magnolia

If you need a tooth replacement option, you should undoubtedly consider dental implants from the best dentist in magnolia. Contact us today to book your appointment.