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Professional Tips To Care For Your Dental Implants

You should practice good oral hygiene before, during, and after getting dental implants for better results and fast healing. Here at Magnolia Family Dental and Orthodontics, conveniently located in Magnolia, TX, we specialize in installing dental implants and educating patients to take care of their implants. 

If the implant is not maintained with good care there are chances of plaque formation near the dental implant. Plaque can make gums to bleed, periodontal disease, bone loss, infection, and other dental issues that limit the recovery process.

At Magnolia Family Dental and Orthodontics, we offer all of our patients extensive post-op instructions & guidelines to follow to take care of their dental implants. After-care tips can be extremely helpful to make sure your new smile stays healthy and bright for years to come.

5 Professionally Suggested Tips To Care For Your Dental Implants

1. Brush Thoroughly

Magnolia dentists advise the use of a soft bristles toothbrush, specially designed to use after dental implants surgery & for patients with implants and to thoroughly clean hard-to-reach areas. The advantage of using soft bristles toothbrushes is that they can gently clean the surface of the implant. Brushing for 2 to 3 minutes is sufficient to remove any plaque that may have formed near the implant.

2. Floss Regularly

Flossing your teeth can remove any plaque that stays or gets stuck in between the teeth. Hence, the Magnolia dentists advised flossing at least once a day so there are no food particles, residue, or plaque that can cause all kinds of dental problems. It is necessary to floss gently so that there is no tooth, implant, or gum injury.

3. Avoid Sticky or Hard Foods

Eating hard foods can lead to implant damage or may potentially harm the opposing teeth. It is better to avoid eating hard and sticky foods like ice, hard candy, and dry fruit so that it won’t make your dental implant structure weaker. 

4. Avoid Smoking & Alcohol Consumption

Smoking is very dangerous to the wellness of implants, particularly in the first 6 months as it is the time implant is recovering, but also after the implant is fully merged or recovered. Smoking reduces the blood supply to our gums, teeth, and bone which may permanently damage dental implants. Drinking too much alcohol has also shown negative effects on the overall health & slows the healing process of dental implants.

5. Regular Dental Visits

Visit your dentist regularly, at the Magnolia Family Dental and Orthodontics office here in Magnolia, TX, dentists recommend having a dental examination at least twice a year to review your overall oral health. Your regular visit can help the dentist analyze the health of your dental implant and overall oral health. Magnolia dentists believe that an implant can last a lifetime, but it requires proper care.

Dental Implants In Magnolia

Dental implants in Magnolia are the one-stop solution to get back your missing teeth & have a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime. AT Magnolia Family Dental and Orthodontics, we have professional dentists & well-trained staff to help you get the smile of your team. Contact us if you have any queries about preserving your dental implants long-term or if you want to have an implant for your smile. Book your appointment now.