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Root Canal Treatment Magnolia

5 Benefits Of Root Canal Treatment

If you have a severe toothache or extreme tooth decides or sensitive teeth, you might need a root canal. Although, there’s a negative association with the word root canal, and most people are afraid of it. But in reality, it is a pain-relieving procedure that can save your teeth. There are several benefits of a root canal, and we are here to discuss them.

What Is A Root Canal?

A root canal treatment is a pain-relieving dental procedure that eliminates the infection in your pulp. During the root canal procedure, the infected pulp is removed, and the tooth is cleaned and disinfected. A filling is placed in the tooth to seal the space. You can also opt for a custom-made crown that will match the rest of your teeth to provide protection and support. 

If you suffer from the signs mentioned below, root canal therapy becomes necessary

  • Swelling
  • More sensitivity to cold or hot
  • Gum Infection
  • Pain in the tooth
  • Problem while chewing
  • Discolored tooth

What Are The Benefits Of A Root Canal?

  • Prevents Tooth Loss

Very often people assume, that getting your teeth removed is better than getting a root canal. Well, this is not true, missing teeth can cause a lot of oral and physical health issues.

Once your permanent teeth come in there is no way you are going to get them back in case you lose it. A root canal can save your teeth from extraction. A root canal will not only save the infected tooth, but it will also make sure it protects your smile for years to come.

With root canal therapy in Magnolia, you don’t have to worry about losing your teeth, this will preserve the natural arrangement of your teeth.

  • Prevents Infection Of The Surrounding Teeth

When you have a tooth abscess, if left untreated, it won’t stop at a single tooth or to your teeth. If you have a fever, fatigue, or headaches, these are all symptoms of tooth infection spreading to your body. It can spread to other parts of your body and destroy your smile and overall health. 

A tooth infection can cause swelling, and pain and further infect your teeth, gums, and other tissues in your mouth. This infection can create problems for your overall health, and in some cases, it can be life-threatening. A root canal is essential to eliminate bacteria and remove the infected pulp, which will prevent the growth and spread of bacteria.

  • Improves Aesthetics

Everyone wants a beautiful smile, however, if you are suffering from tooth decay or broken teeth, it can be damaging to your smile. A root canal treatment will save your teeth and bring back your smile. There are different options like crowns and fillings that will make you look and feel your best.

  • Prevents Jawbone Deterioration

Root canal treatment saves your infected tooth and keeps it intact. If you opt for tooth extraction and don’t replace it with a proper teeth replacement solution, you will face several negative effects. A few are mentioned below:

  • Your jaw bone will deteriorate
  • Your facial structure will collapse
  • Your teeth will get loose or fall out
  • You will find difficulty in chewing or biting

Root canals, therefore, save you a lot of money down the line and help prevent complications due to missing teeth in the future.

  • Pain-Free

 One of the common misconceptions related to a root canal is that it is one of the most painful dental procedures. But in reality, it’s the complete opposite. A root canal is no more painful than a dental filling. Most of the pain caused is due to the decayed and infected pulp that root canal treatment eliminates. This provides you with immediate relief and is also much less painful than having a tooth extracted.

Restore Your Smile With Root Canal Treatment In Magnolia

If you suffer from extreme tooth decay, swollen or pimples on your gums, or if you have discolored or severe toothache, you need to visit the best dentist in Magnolia, TX. Root canal therapy in Magnolia will not only restore your teeth but will also promote optimal oral health. You will no longer require tooth extraction, and your smile will remain intact.